'King' Joe Amendalaro
Welcome to the offical website for King Joe's Barbell Club.

We're located in Dunmore at 622 E. Drinker St. at King Joe's Gym.

We're a private strength and conditioning club primairly interested in training for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman competition, and overall strength and conditioning improvement and development for athletes and those with a general interest in getting strong(er).

We are not a business, and membership is exclusive.

We are not a CrossFit gym and do not permit CrossFit at our facilities. There are plenty of other local facilities that are.

We are currently not accepting new members, unless a current member can vouch for you. We are open despite Coronavirus/COVID-19 worries, but we are not accepting members from gyms that are closed due to Coronavirus concerns. Sorry. If you are a prior member who has left on good terms, you may contact Dave and he will make considerations on a case by case basis.

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