The Gym

Club Officers:
President - Dave Lutz
Treasurer - Kevin Dougherty

We're located in Dunmore at 622 E. Drinker St. at King Joe's Gym. We're a non-profit strength and conditioning club primairly interested in training for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman competition, and overall strength and conditioning improvement and development for athletes and those with a general interest in getting strong(er).

We have barbells, plates, power racks, dumbbells, benches, three platforms for deadlifting and Olympic lifting, two lat pulldowns that can also be used for rows, curls and pushdowns, kettlebells, a Concept2 Rower, a Schwinn AirDyne bike, a reverse hyper machine, tires for tire flips, two Prowlers, leg press, indoor turf for inside Prowler and tire work, heavy bags, and we'll be adding more soon. Everything you need to train for strength and improve your conditioning.

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